Hope’s Bow

Available for free now on the AppStore!


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Here’s the trailer:


***New Side-Scrolling Style Platformer Game***

Universal App! Compatible with iPhone, iPhone retina, iPhone 5 and iPad.

Built expressly for the iOS platform, free to download and try! Help our heroine on her quest to free her brother and stop the evil king from destroying her home!

Eight areas with 25 levels for you to work through on your way to saving the land from the evil king.

Fight enemies to free your brother and reclaim your home! Stomp on your foes, and later unlock the Mythical Bow and unleash powerful arrows of fire and ice.

As you play through the game, you will gain access to new abilities and powers, allowing you to access new areas and battle stronger enemies.

This game is free to download. The free version includes the first area with 3 levels to play through and explore. If you like the game at the end of the first 3 levels, the option will be given for an adult to purchase the rest of the game for a small one-time fee. In-app purchases may always be disabled by adjusting your device settings.


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