Book Review – iOS 7 Game Development

Title: iOS 7 Game Development

Author: Dmitry Volevodz

Publisher: Packt



This book has lots of useful information and sample code to get you started with using Apple’s Game Creation API. To get the most out of the book, you need to be familiar with xCode and Objective C. It is NOT for beginners to the Apple programming environment, but more for people used to making Apps looking to expand into games. As an introduction to scenes, sprites, and collision detection, it does a decent job. The language of the book assumes familiarity with the programming language, those who are not already fluent could find themselves getting lost in the language structure. This book is not about game design or building a game from concept to completion, but is a beginning guide to how to implement mechanics in Sprite Kit and Objective C. The book is short and concise, getting to the code right away.

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