Free Art – Menu Buttons

Hello All,

I would like to offer free for any use some art I recently created for an App I’m working on. Menu’s can be a bit of a drag, so here are some button images to help get you started. ¬†All I ask is a link back to this website if you use them in a published application (CC BY 3.0)

PlayButton@2x SoundOnButton@2x SoundOffButton@2x MusicOnButton@2x MusicOffButton@2x MenuButton@2x BackButton@2x

These are all in retina format. (decrease by 50% and rename without the @2x for standard resolution)



First Look at the New Pre-Tots 2 iOS App

And here it is. The first look at the new Pre-Tots 2 iOS App.

This is the opening animation and menu structure for the kids to get into the various activities within the app. I have modified the menu that was built in my Tutorial series on my website (Tutorials 5-7).

I built the animations in a program called Spine, and exported out png file sequences to get the effect you see here. If there is interest, I can write a future tutorial on how this was done.


Music – Licensed from

Background Images – Licensed from

All Other images and animations created by Richard Yeates

New Game – Meteor Run – Available Now!

Available now for download! Check it out on the iTunes AppStore!


Official Description:

***Brand New Free Space Racer Game***

Tap the screen to race through the obstacles!

Meteors, asteroids and even enemy alien ships will try to stop you!

Fully enabled with Game Center support, earn achievements, compete on the world-wide leaderboards and even challenge your friends to beat your scores!

Please note: This app is compatible with iOS 7 and later only.

New Current SpriteKit Project

Well, I had forgotten how much I truly did not know about the iOS programming environment. When making my last two apps, I have been focussing purely on cocos2d, and it shows. The very first book I purchased was a beginning Game Development book, that focussed on using UIKit to develop simple 2D games. From there, I expanded into the cocos2D work and the rest is history. UIKit and interface builder are another animal, and with all the iterations in the last two xCode updates, I am muddling my way through the current dev work-space. Having said that, a few hours in and I have been able to get a workable prototype project off the ground. The style is easily recognizable to those in the mobile space, but when learning (or relearning) a framework, its best to get something simple working, and integrating as much into that project as you can. To come will be my first foray into achievements and gameKit, so expect some future posts on that experience. Anywho, check out the video. Game title suggestions are welcome.