Richard Yeates

Richard Yeates

My name is Richard Yeates. I am an aspiring mobile developer, specifically working with the iOS platform and the excellent and free cocos2d engine. I live on Vancouver Island, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I do this in my free time while working full time and raising my 3 year old son with my amazing wife Michelle.

Last year I saw my then 2 year old son with down syndrome playing with an iPhone, he was laughing and having a great time swiping the screen and watching the letters and icons move around the screen. I decided then that I wanted to make an app for him.

I have always enjoyed technology and video games, but my programming experience was limited to say the least. Aside from a single foray into java during first year university, I had no prior experience, let alone in the sometimes odd looking language of objective c, implemented by apple and the iOS platforms.

I read books, websites and blogs, gained small glimmers of understanding along the way.

I offer this space as a receptacle of my various musings and updates as to progress. My app is partially complete. After much consideration, I have based it upon the excellent cocos2d framework, with which I have been becoming increasingly familiar. The issues of basing my apps on a framework from the start have been numerous, not the smallest of which has been learning a framework at the same time as a language, not to mention proper programming practices and the like.

My goal is to release this application, and learn more about this world with each progression, and perhaps my musings will help someone following me to either take the leap to follow a passion of their own, or to avoid any pitfalls that I come across along the way.


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